Since 2004, the NYC Center for Materials Reuse (NYCCMR) has worked to strengthen the materials reuse and donations sector of New York City. Funded by the NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY), NYCCMR provides DSNY’s donateNYC program support in the areas of outreach, public education, research, and engagement aimed at increasing awareness of and access to NYC’s nonprofit reuse sector while expanding the sector’s capacity. In addition to working with the nonprofit reuse organizations involved in the donateNYC Partnership, NYCCMR organizes innovative public events for donateNYC, including an annual conference, and performs research on materials reuse in NYC.

Organizations engaged in materials reuse often have limited means to track and analyze data about their reuse activities. However, data management is vital to these organizations--it can be used internally to understand and improve operations, and externally to demonstrate and promote the economic, environmental, and social benefits of their work. NYCCMR works with donateNYC Partners to help track, collect, and report on their materials data (goods they accept and distribute).

To address the need for better data tracking, NYCCMR, in collaboration with the NYC Department of Sanitation, developed the proprietary Reuse Impact Calculator (RIC), which uses quantitative information provided by donateNYC Partners to describe the environmental impact of their reuse efforts in New York City and to ultimately quantify reuse in New York City.