Partnership Application


Attaining and then maintaining donateNYC Partnership, along with the services and benefits included there in, are subject to your organizations continued adherence to the below requirements. Active donateNYC Partner status is required for use of the donateNYC logo. Aside from the logo as a donateNYC Partner organization you are also entitled to a number of free city-funded benefits and services.

  • Partner requirements 

    In order to attain and then maintain donateNYC Partnership, organizations are required to meet the following criteria. Partners must:

    A. Partner Legal Status

    • Be a nonprofit organization, as defined by the IRS (, or a government program, which distributes used or surplus materials collected from NYC residences, businesses, or government agencies.
    • Distribute donated goods to individuals or other nonprofits through the organization’s own operations by having dedicated staff or volunteers assigned to its donations program year round.
    • Submit a completed and signed partnership agreement by, or authorized by, the Director, Executive Director, Manager, or official representative of the organization.

    B. Data & Participation Requirements

    • Complete a Partner assessment survey (covering basic organizational information such as: materials accepted, size of organization, services offered, etc.).
    • Submit operational data on donation and reuse activities, as specified by donateNYC's data management criteria, for quantification of waste diversion and zero waste impact. If data cannot initially be provided, then direct collaboration with DSNY/NYC CMR staff to produce or improve the quality of organizational data will meet this requirement.
    • Send a lead representative to at least two events annually (donateNYC Directors Council, donateNYC Partnership Annual Conference, professional development workshops, etc.).

    C. Operational Structure

    To ensure that goods donated by NYC residents benefit the most NYC residents, as well as contribute to environmental impact reduction and waste diversion (land-filling, excessive transportation, incineration, etc.), partner organizations are required to meet ONE of the following criteria:          

    donateNYC Partners must either:

    1. Redistribute at least 25% of donated materials within the Tristate region. For national or international organizations, the redistribution percentage is based off in-kind donations collected in the Tristate region;
    2. Operate a venue accessible to the general public where donated materials can be purchased or received free of charge.
  • Partner benefits

    • Approved use of the donateNYC Logo on organizational websites and approved marketing materials;
    • Profile page in the donateNYC Partner Directory (print and online version);
    • Inclusion in the donateNYC Annual Report;
    • Invitation to the donateNYC Annual Conference;
    • Invitations to all workshops and training seminars;
    • Invitations to quarterly donateNYC Directors Meetings;
    • Promotional services through the donateNYC Partnership newsletter, social media outlets, and website, as well as, through various NYC Department of Sanitation venues. 
    • Access to donateNYC’s downloadable resources which includes past conference and workshop presentations;
    • Managed account and donation referrals through the donateNYC Exchange.